November 2014





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        NOVEMBER provided some great fishing this year.  Usually November is the first month where the Florida Keys actually experience a bit of a cool down.  In between fronts the weather can be absolutely priceless.  Many days you hardly break a sweat.  The change in water temperature typically gets the fish schooled up and moving.  Bonefish especially school up during the cooler months of the year.  Typically you can find large groups of bonefish migrating down the oceanside on those beautiful, blue-bird sky days.  With winds out of the north, the oceanside provides an escape from the wind and one heck of a scenery to look for the large schools of bones.  The fish vary in size, but it is not atypical to catch a double digit fish like the 10 pounder shown above.  Sometimes the water temperature gets too cold and we run to the backcountry of Islamorada to target snook and redfish.  These are a great consolation prize and a lot of fun to stalk on the flats.