January 2015

AngieBou LuBou BouBone January turned out to be a wonderful month in Islamorada.  This year we are experiencing more of a winter-like climate and it has the fish motivated to cooperate on days where the water temperature warms up and the winds calm down.  One thing that is of true significance to mention for the month of January is the increase in bonefish population in and around Islamorada.  Five years ago, Florida experienced a solid month of below normal temperatures.  This “freeze” as it has been called, adversely affected our bonefish, snook, and juvenile tarpon population.  Though the snook and juvenile tarpon population made an earlier comeback, there have been numerous concerns about the bonefish population.  Well this month I witnessed for the first time in five years some of the most promising bonefish sightings.  Not only did we see them, but we caught plenty of them as well.

On the days where the weather did not seems promising to go and sight-fish the flats, I ran back into the Everglades National Park to bend the rod and just have fun.  One of my favorite fish to eat is the triple tail.  Above there is a picture of my good friend and client Angie holding a 14lb beast of a triple tail.  A triple tail of that size puts up an amazing fight and also provides for arguably one of the best seafood meals a person could ever ask for.