February 2015

FullSizeRender-7    FullSizeRender-6IMG_0521  February had some beautiful days this year.  Although we did have our share of cold fronts, when the weather cleared up, fishing was spectacular.  This February was particularly special because I took delivery of my brand new Maverick 17 HPX-VII.  I am super excited to be part of the Maverick team and the boat has already seen its fair share of fish slime!

One of the best sights of February 2015 was the every growing bonefish population.  I had some wonderful bone fishing days this past February.  Not only did I see large schools of fish, but I also was able to target smaller groups with larger fish.  Catching a bonefish over 10 pounds is an incredible achievement.  Betsy Bullard was able to do so with me this February.  For some reason, once a bonefish reaches about 8 pounds, it is a completely different animal than its smaller sized counterparts.

There were also a handful of days where the tarpon showed up in February.  We managed to put a few boat side and admire the infinite beauty that the prehistorical fish have to offer.