November 2015


November was an unseasonably warm month this year in South Florida.  Water temperatures remained in the mid 70s to low 80s.  I recall this time last year we were fighting with water temperatures in the mid to high 60s.  Given that the Florida Keys are a tropical place, the fish very much appreciated the warm weather sticking around.

I spent the majority of November targeting bonefish.  The flats offered many opportunities to stalk bonefish and we had great success.  In addition to great bone fishing, a number of my colleagues reported days with excellent fly tarpon fishing.  Some tarpon caught were reported to be in excess of 100lbs.

As with any fishery, it really all depends on the weather.  We finally experienced a mild cold front towards the end of  November.  When fronts move through, the wind is often blowing hard out of the north but the days are still gorgeous.  On one such windy day, I guided Gayle and her son Nathan.  Instead of forcing the idea of fishing the flats in all the wind, we ran back into the everglades to some sheltered grounds and caught snapper for lunch and a half dozen other species.  If you are going to fish between November and February, flexibility on your target species is key to having an enjoyable time on the water.